Mad Chat words are symbols, emoticons or shorten words that are used by the many users on They are used in Madison's e-mails, chats and of course, when Madison writes in her files.

Symbols Edit

(( ))* -----> Hugs and Smooches

*poof* -----> Has left the chat room

m(_)m -----> My apologies

Emoticons Edit

:>) -----> Smile

:-@ -----> I'm screaming

;- ) -----> Winky-wink

:-~ | -----> Sick with the flu

0< | : -} } } -----> Santa Claus

3:*> -----> Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer

=8-o-------> Shocked



:-l~----------> Drooling

{ (i) }----------> Butterfly

:-lK-​ ----------> Long Dress/Prom Dress

Shorten TermsEdit

GMTA -----> Great minds think alike

IMO -----> In my opinion

LOL -----> Laugh out loud

BTW -----> By the way

L8R -----> Later

2K4W -----> Too cool for words

TTFN -----> Ta, ta for now

BRB -----> Be right back

2gether -----> Together

G2R -----> Got to run!

FC -----> Fingers crossed

TOOC -----> Totally out of control

IMS -----> I'm sorry

DGT -----> Don't go there

CSL -----> Can't stop laughing

NP -----> No problem

BBN -----> Bye bye now

TAW------> Teachers Are Watching

MWBRL--------> More Will Be Revealed Later

GIWIST----------> Gee, I wish I Said That

GGN------------>Got Go Now

TMA----------->Take My Advice

TLGO--------->The List Goes On

And O and O--------->And On and On

YR-------------> Yeah Right

N2M---------> Not Too Much

E-z---------> Easy

wth--------> what the heak