Ivy Daly or "Poison Ivy" nicknamed by Madisonand Aimee , is known as Madison's enemy. She is also refers as the "Queen Bee" and the Seventh grade president. Unlike Madison, Ivy is very popular and wants to


be the center of attention. She was once best friends with Madison and Aimee when they were younger, as they used to play together in Ivy's treehouse all the time. Ivy is described as being beautiful by most of the seventh graders and "hot" by the guys. She has a crush on Hart Jones, much to Madison's dismay, because she likes him too. She is also very fashionable and modern as she tends to try and buy the latest/hottest activities and styles. It is unknown if Ivy ever really wanted to become friends with Madison again, mainly because she fears what other people would think of her if she became her friend again. It is told in the book, Keep It Real, that Ivy's mother is diagnosed with breast cancer. The status of her mother after that is unknown.


Rose Thorn and Phonie Joanie

After Ivy and Madison stopped being friends, Ivy quickly became friends with Rose and Joanie. They are often called her "drones" and Ivy is known to be nicer when she isn't around them.