Hart Jones is Madison's crush throughout the series and also cousins with Drew Maxwell. At first it was
thought that Hart liked Ivy Daly, but later it becomes apparent that his crush was on Madison all along. Hart plays hockey along with most of guys in the group. He is known to be the cutest boy in the seventh grade at Far Hills Junior High, because so many girls have had crushes on him. It is revealed that in 2nd grade Madison slugged Hart. Like most boys, he enjoys sports, pulling pranks, and skateboarding. He is tall with dark hair and sometimes wears glasses.


Madison Finn

In 2nd Grade, it's revealed that Madison never liked Hart because he was a typical boy, and he pulled her hair.

He moved away from Far Hills and when he came back, Madison started crushing on him. He hung out with a lot of girls, such as Carmen, Ivy and their usual group of friends. Madison often thought he would never think of her that way, but it's revealed that he did, and the two kind of started "going out". In the last book, Hart's parents decide to move, and the two finally kissed.