Fiona Waters moved to Far Hills from California. She has a twin brother named Chet. In the first book of the series, she and Madison become friends, but later Fiona tries to befriend Ivy. At the end she realizes that Ivy is just plain mean and goes back to Madison. She, Madison and Aimee become fast close friends and is one of Madison's BFFs. Fiona is shown to have an immense talent in soccer. In the series, Fiona and Madison's friend Walter "Egg" Diaz, both have crushes on one another and later are supposedly 'going out'. She has long dark hair, dark skin, and brown eyes. Fiona is considered a tomboy, mainly because she grew up with her brother and plays soccer.In the alst book it is announced that she will soon have a baby sister.

Madison Finn

When Fiona came to Far Hills, Madison was quick to make friends with her. She introduced to her Aimee and the three became BFFs. Madison was a little bit surprised when Fiona took a liking to her best guy friend, Egg, but eventually accepted it. Madison always thought Fiona was smart and gave very good advice.

Aimee GillespieEdit

Fiona and Aimee became friends shortly after Fiona moved to Far Hills. The three BFFs, including Madison, became very close. They went shopping, had sleepovers, Madison and Fiona would go to Aimee's dance recitals, Aimee and Madison would go to Fiona's soccer games. When Aimee became anorexic, Fiona witnessed her fainting, and went to go get a teacher. She was worried for Aimee, and often told her she should eat.

The two could sometimes bicker, mainly because they were so different. Fiona always called Egg by his real name, and whenever Aimee would tease, Fiona would blush furiously.

However, the two could overcome their fights, and they stayed BFFs.

Lindsay FrostEdit

Lindsay and Fiona quickly became friends after Fiona moved to Far Hills from California. When Lindsay ever complained about how she or other kids thought she was fat, Fiona often came right out and disagreed with her. In the later books, the two kept in touch over