Some of the Madison Finn Book Covers

Book Series

In the entire Madison Finn series they consists of 25 books. Three of them, however, are Super Edition books. The rest are just the same editions. Below there is the list of the Madison Finn series in order. 'NOTE' #22, "ALl Shooked Up" is not the final book for the Madison Finn series, the final book is the final Super Edition book "Best Friends Forever".

Book TitlesEdit

1.Only the Lonely

2.Boy, Oh Boy!

3.Play It Again

4.Caught in the Web

5.Thanks for Nothing

6.Lost and Found

7.Save the Date


9.Just Visiting

10.Give and Take

11.Heart to Heart

12.Lights Out!

13.Sink or Swim

14.Double Dare

15.Off the Wall

16.Three's a Crowd

17.On the Case

18.Give Me A Break

19.Keep It Real

20.All that Glitters

21.Forget Me Not

22.All Shook up

Super Edition and Bind Up BooksEdit

The Super Edition books are usually at least twice as thick than the regular books. There are only 3 Super Edition books, the first two Super Edition books take place in the summer. The final super edition book is the last book of the series and it concludes the end of the Madison Finn series. The Bind Up Books is one huge book that combines 3 stories together.

Super Edition #1 To Have and To Hold

Super Edition #2 Hit the Beach

Super Edition #3 Friends 'till the End

Bind Up #1 Books 1-3 2C4W* Too Cool For Words

Bind Up #2 Books 4-6 BF4E* Best Friends Forever